QnAMaker : Data to Bot in 2 Minutes


Having a bot for seamless conversations is a much-desired feature that products and services today seek for their websites and mobile apps. These bots help reduce traffic received by human support significantly by handling frequent and directly answerable known questions. Many such services have huge reference documents such as FAQ pages, which makes it hard for users to browse through this data. A conversation layer over such raw data can lower traffic to human support by a great margin. We demonstrate QnAMaker, a service that creates a conversational layer over semi-structured data such as FAQ pages, product manuals, and support documents. QnAMaker is the popular choice for Extraction and Question-Answering as a service and is used by over 15,000 bots in production. It is also used by search interfaces and not just bots.

In The Web Conference, 2020 (Demo Track)
Anshuman Suri
Anshuman Suri
PhD Student

My research interests include privacy and security in machine learning.